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Network wiring, sometimes called structured cabling, is fundamentally important as it is the foundation upon which your entire network is built. 

Computer Pro specializes in cabling, rack installs and network beautification. Professionally installed wiring and network racks are not only clean and pleasant to look at; they also perform better and are much easier to troubleshoot. 

Gone are the days of the infamous 'spaghetti mess' of wiring. Give us a call and see how cost-effective it is to upgrade your network wiring and set up professional and clean network racks.

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Whether you need an additional wire run for a new system or a complete overhaul of your current cabling, Computer Pro has you covered.  

Our cabling methods are clean, organized, and structured.  Our team uses the latest tools and technologies to accomplish an amazing end-result.  We are flexible with business cabling project times and can perform these services after-hours and on weekends to minimize business down-time.

Call today for a quote: 989-781-4600

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Click photo for gallery view


Network wire should be protected.  It is the backbone and foundation of any network.  

Computer Pro uses conduit and wire raceway to protect cabling when it cannot be placed inside a wall.

EMT (metal conduit) is perfect for industrial appications, garages and high-traffic areas, protecting the cabling and helping the network remain trouble-free.

Office raceway is a paintable surface track system that looks great in any office while protecting the cabling.  We use metal raceway that's both durable, paintable and looks great!

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