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Our history started back in 2003 with a simple vision: Provide quality, high-level IT service at a fair price. Our founder, Terry Moon, started in the IT field in 1997 when he got a job as a PC technician. From there, Terry has worked at companies such as SBC/AT&T during the initial DSL rollout in Michigan, where he attended Telcordia (the old Bell Labs) and learned WAN technology, infrastructure cabling, and technology on the data side of AT&T. He also worked for the State of Michigan on the year 2000 transition team, which made sure the Michigan dept of Corrections infrastructure was compliant and ready for the year 2000 and beyond. Eventually, Terry worked his way up to vice president of Interlink Partners in Technology, where he designed and implemented one of the first multi-school networks in Genesee county, which was part of the GenNET school initiative providing fiber interconnectivity throughout the school district.

Terry saw a disconnect in the service marketplace.  It currently had either costly IT firms with excellent experience and capabilities or small mom and pop shops that were great at repairing simple computer issues but lacked the knowledge to service more complicated business networks. He set out to fill that void in 2003 when he started PC Express, a computer company focusing on both residential and businesses with more complicated systems. PC Express grew into a team of 10 and took the local market by storm. When the company grew, the need to incorporate became apparent. As the name PC Express wasn't available at the corporate level, Computer Pro was born in 2008 as a Michigan corporation. The mission is still the same today: Provide quality, high-level IT service at a fair price.

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