Virus Removal

Viruses and malware are very common these days.  Computer Pro can rid your computer of these power robbing nasties.  Symptoms of infection are: 

  • System is running slow
  • Lots of pop-ups
  • Fake Anti-Virus programs appearing
  • Icons changing or disappearing
  • Blue screens & Lockouts

Laptop Screens

Nothing is worse than cracking your laptop screen. Computer Pro has replaced hundreds of laptop screens.  We only use quality screens, warrantied from reputable distributors. Stay clear of cheap, low quality aftermarket screens.

Data Recovery

Computer Pro is your source for data recovery and backup.  If you've accidentally deleted your favorite photos or files, don't fear Computer Pro is here!  We offer:

  • Data Transfer Services
  • Data Backup
  • Data Recovery

* Computer Pro is partnered with multiple dedicated national data recovery firms for the really bad stuff that is beyond local repair.

Server Solutions

Computer Pro supports all Microsoft Server platforms.  We have implemented Microsoft Servers in many business environments to solve the workflow needs of our clients.  Let Computer Pro show you some modern technologies that can give your business Server functionality with out the expense of a dedicated Server. 

Computer Recycling

Computer Pro can recycle some electronic items at no charge!  We mostly accept:

  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Cell Phones

*We cannot accept certain items like older 'tube-style' monitors due to them containing lead.

Pro Support (MSP plan)

Our new Pro Support plans have been a huge hit!

Imagine having your system monitored 24x7 and if somethings happens... you pay nothing!  Your already covered!  Give us a call and ask an associate about our Pro Support Plans.


Wired or wireless, Computer Pro can help with all your networking needs.  Specializing in:

  • Wireless Technologies
  • Router Recommendations
  • Router Setup & Configuration
  • Network Design
  • Email Solutions
  • Remote Access Solutions
  • Network  Wiring & Termination

Laptop Power Jacks

Hate having to wiggle the power cord to keep your battery on or to keep it charging?  Power cord and power jack problems are very common as they are pulled out and in frequently.  We can diagnose and correct all your power related issues.

Web Site Design

Affordable Web Site Design!  Yes, although it's almost an oxymoron, Computer Pro specializes in affordable flat rate package Web Site Design.

Need a logo?  Domain name?  Don't know where to start?  Give us a call and we'll explain our simple process and great flat rate price packages!

Training Classes

You've asked for it and we've listened!  Computer Pro now offers training classes.  Both individual and small group for savings.  Pull up a stool at our Tech Bar and learn how all the new gadgets work.  Call today for more info on classes.

Google Apps

Computer Pro can set up your company with current productive technologies like Google Apps for Work.  Google Apps gives you Server like functionality without the expense of a dedicated Server.  File sharing, calendar sharing, email hosting, intranet sites, Google Apps has them all.