Network wiring, sometimes called structured cabling, is fundamentally important as it is the foundation upon which your entire network is built. 

Computer Pro specializes in what we call network beautification. Professionally installed wiring and network racks are not only clean and pleasant to look at; they also perform better and are much easier to troubleshoot. 

Gone are the days of the infamous 'spaghetti mess' of wiring. Give us a call and see how cost-effective it is to upgrade your network wiring with proper NEC code installation and professionally set up and clean network racks.

This was a recent network cleanup and rack install at one of our valued clients.   We used blue for data and white for VoIP to keep things organized, neat and tidy.  We also installed a toggle switch panel to make it easy to identify, reboot or power off equipment without the need to reach in back trying to find the correct power plug.  

This was a residential install with a clean basement mounted network rack and a ceiling mounted wireless access point.  Using enterprise grade equipment in the home is more cost effective than many people think and the performance is much better than home-grade off the shelf systems found in local stores.

This was a network wall cleanup (beautification).  Client had old equipment that wasn't used and a spaghetti mess of wiring.  We removed all old and unnecessary equipment and installed a clean and neat network rack that not only looks better but is much easier to maintain.

The other photos show a clean ceiling mounted access point and since the client wanted wireless extended into their main garage we installed a wall mounted access point with the wire-run protected in conduit.

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